Protecting Your Rights When The Stakes Are High

A conviction is not guaranteed just because you were arrested for a felony or misdemeanor crime. You may think that cooperating with police officers, investigators and prosecutors helps your case. In fact, speaking to law enforcement before retaining a criminal defense lawyer only compromises your chances of obtaining a successful resolution.

You have rights that need protection, starting with your right to remain silent.

Aggressive Representation For Adults And Juveniles Charged With Crimes

Specific areas of our criminal defense include:

At The Law Offices Of Michelle Lugo in Dallas, we take proactive steps to provide an aggressive defense against serious criminal accusations. We will scour every detail of your case through thorough and exhaustive investigations. We will identify any violations of your rights, particularly in the search and seizure of alleged stolen property or drugs in your home or car.

Minimizing Criminal And Non-Criminal Consequences So You Can Move On

Our goal is to minimize the consequences you or your family member faces, particularly when it comes to juvenile criminal matters. Youthful indiscretions and lapses in judgment carry lifelong consequences for young people. You need an attorney committed to minimizing the criminal penalties and protecting your child's future.

In addition to incarceration and fines, many of our clients face non-criminal consequences. Illegal use of a firearm can lead to the loss of conceal and carry permits. Immigrants can face deportation if convicted of assault or domestic violence charges.

Personalized Representation In Pursuit Of Satisfactory Outcomes

Whether you have been charged with a crime or need help expunging your criminal record, our attorney can help you. Contact attorney Michelle Lugo by calling 972-984-0869 or submitting our online intake form.