Violent Crimes And The Devastating Consequences

A restraining order, jail sentence and fines may only be the start of an assault or domestic violence conviction. A criminal record can negatively impact your career, your pending divorces or your immigration status. At The Law Offices Of Michelle Lugo, we will pursue the best possible outcome and minimize the penalties that you face.

Getting To The Facts Of Serious Assault Charges

Prosecutors take assault charges seriously. They aggressively pursue severe penalties, especially if the alleged victim suffered injuries or a weapon was supposedly involved.

Immediately retaining legal counsel is an important first step when you are charged with a crime. At The Law Offices Of Michelle Lugo, we will conduct an in-depth investigation of the events that led up to your arrest. We will explore various possible defenses based on the specifics of your case, including self-defense used to protect yourself from harm or theft.

Navigating Through Emotionally Charged Domestic Violence Accusations

Domestic violence has serious penalties. Like assault, you can be charged without making actual contact with the alleged victim. While criminal allegations range from children to the elderly, spouse-on-spouse assaults are extremely common, particularly when husbands and wives are involved in custody and support disputes.

Domestic violence allegations are sometimes used as leverage in a divorce. A restraining order will affect your ability to see your children. A criminal record will also follow you as you apply for jobs. In many cases, we pursue nondisclosure petitions to ensure that your past will not come back to haunt you.

An Attorney Fighting For Your Rights, Reputation And Future

Call lawyer Michelle Lugo in Dallas at 972-984-0869 or contact us online to even the odds you face. Charges of violent crimes may change your life for now. Our job is to protect your future.