Taking On The Complexities Of Your Burglary Case

If you are arrested for burglary, you need proactive legal advocacy. The Law Offices Of Michelle Lugo will provide you with an ongoing support system during a time when you need it most. We explore all options to minimize the consequences you face.

An arrest for burglary or any crime does not mean a conviction is automatic. A skilled and experienced attorney can help even the odds against you.

Immediate Legal Representation Is Vital Following An Arrest For Burglary

Burglary involves illegal entry of a home, vehicle or business without the owner's permission. While considered crimes of theft and trespassing, the penalties are much more severe. You face significant jail time if convicted.

In many cases, our clients are accused of playing significant roles in burglaries when they were only smaller, insignificant players. Attorney Michelle Lugo will conduct an in-depth investigation of your criminal matter. On your behalf, she will build a customized defense based on the unique issues surrounding your case.

Consequences of a burglary conviction could last a lifetime. Theft is considered a crime of moral turpitude. A criminal record will affect your ability to get a job as employers fear the past repeating itself.

Protect Your Rights By Calling An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

High-stakes cases require sophisticated legal representation. Before speaking to police or prosecutors about a breaking and entering charge, contact The Law Offices Of Michelle Lugo. You can reach our Dallas law firm online or by calling 972-984-0869.