Keeping Families Together

Child Protective Services (CPS) defends and promotes the welfare of children. If it becomes involved with your case following allegations of child abuse/neglect or parental unfitness, you need immediate legal representation. Do not treat it as a minor issue as it carries significant consequences, including the removal of your children and termination of your parental rights.

The process is extremely complex and highly invasive. You may think that a CPS investigation does not require legal counsel. You need to know that daily contact and even the relationship you have with your children are at risk.

Protecting Parental Relationships And Rights

At The Law Offices Of Michelle Lugo, we will move quickly to protect your parental rights. The CPS process can take more than a year, but if you wait too long, you may not get your children back. You need to take proactive steps to prevent the headaches of handling things on your own and future heartaches for you and your children.

Exploring all options sometimes involves grandparents or other relatives assuming custody of children to maintain the family bond. From initial home studies to final placements, we will focus on the best interests of every party, starting with your children.

Even The Odds You Face When Dealing With CPS

Attorney Michelle Lugo is committed to getting to the facts of CPS investigations and providing an aggressive defense of serious accusations. Contact us online or call our Dallas office at 972-984-0869.