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An arrest for possession of marijuana or crack cocaine does not have to change your life. You need to take proactive steps and secure immediate legal representation. At The Law Offices Of Michelle Lugo, we combine experience and knowledge with unwavering dedication as we pursue the best possible outcome.

Police and prosecutors will claim to be on your side. However, they're only seeking a guilty verdict. Allowing a warrantless investigation or accepting a plea bargain has serious, life-changing consequences. To protect your rights, it's vital that you retain a skilled and knowledgeable drug crimes defense lawyer.

You Are A Name, Not A Case Number

In our criminal law practice, we provide personalized representation and create custom strategies for every client. We will spend time with you to identify the specific issues surrounding your drug arrest.

A major factor in drug possession defenses involves search and seizure of drugs and paraphernalia. Michelle Lugo, our firm's founder, is skilled in identifying steps that the police took when they violated our clients' rights. By uncovering those details, she can suppress evidence which will in turn minimize the consequences you face.

Our results-driven approach also means that we look at the issues that led up to your arrest for drug possession. Michelle has represented clients in various Texas criminal courts, providing her insight that benefits you. Many judges offer diversion options where the focus is on treatment for the drug in question instead of incarceration. These programs are a first step towards getting you the help you need, and eventually having the criminal charges expunged from your record.

Proactive Representation To Protect Your Rights

The moment you are arrested for a drug crime is the moment you need aggressive representation. Contact attorney Michelle Lugo in Dallas online, or call 972-984-0869.