An Emphasis On Your Best Interests

Trafficking of marijuana, crack or heroin is a serious criminal charge. These charges have severe consequences, and defending yourself against them requires proactive legal representation.

Serious Criminal Charges Require Serious Legal Representation

Your freedom and future are at stake following an arrest for manufacturing, sale, delivery or importation of illegal narcotics. You face long-term imprisonment, thousands of dollars in fines and license suspension. In addition, your criminal record will follow you as you apply for jobs, college, federal student aid and housing.

Before you speak to police officers and prosecutors, call The Law Offices Of Michelle Lugo. We will protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome. We'll set up an initial consultation where you can discuss your criminal case with an experienced attorney.

From there, we will investigate all aspects of your arrest to identify any areas where your rights were violated. In many cases, our clients are accused of playing a significant role when they were not a key player, and this incorrectly led to improper arrests and charges.

Contact Michelle Lugo If You Have Been Charged With A Serious Drug Crime

Drug manufacturing and distribution charges are high-stakes legal matters that require a lawyer who has experience in and knowledge of this complex area of the law. Call our Dallas law office at 972-984-0869 or contact us online.