Take The First Step Toward A Second Chance

For many past clients of The Law Offices Of Michelle Lugo, criminal behavior is a thing of the past. Like them, you have realized the error of your past ways. Now, you want to take the steps necessary to improve your life. Even if your arrest never led to a conviction, it still remains on your record; you deserve a second chance.

Paying your debt to society following a conviction or being found not guilty after an arrest will continue to follow you. Your criminal record presents significant obstacles when it comes to future employment opportunities.

The Options You Have To Start Over

With the help of a criminal defense lawyer, you can explore options for obtaining a clean slate. Expunctions (also known as expungements) erase the offense entirely, meaning a background check will reveal no evidence of the past crime. In petitions for nondisclosure, your record is not wiped clean, but the order prevents court clerks from disclosing criminal pasts.

Do not wait until the last minute. Criminal records cannot be expunged or sealed immediately, regardless of the circumstances. The process takes time, sometimes up to 30 days.

A New Chapter Of Your Life Starts With An Attorney's Help

Certain requirements exist to secure a nondisclosure or expunction. Contact an experienced attorney to see if you qualify for a long-awaited second chance. Call The Law Offices Of Michelle Lugo in Dallas at 972-984-0869 or fill out our online intake form.