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Are any bladed weapons prohibited in Texas?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Texas is generally a second amendment-friendly state, but that does not mean you have carte blanche to arm yourself with any weapon in any situation. Texas law prohibits people from carrying some armaments, including bladed weapons, in specified locations.

Those who like to carry blades should know this information to avoid accidentally breaking the law and facing weapons charges. An excellent first step is knowing what is and is not legal in the Dallas area.

Most knives are now allowed

You can carry a pocket knife regardless of your age in our state. You may also own stilettos, dirks and other dagger-style weapons. Other permissible bladed weapons that were once prohibited include:

  • Throwing stars and knives
  • Swords and spears
  • Balisongs or butterfly knives
  • Switchblades and bowie knives

You do not need a permit to own blades in Texas. Minors also have the right to own knives with few restrictions.

Changes to state knife laws

In 2017, Texas reformed its bladed weapons laws. Now, you can buy and own nearly any knife with few limitations. Changes to the law shifted the focus from specific illegal blades to location restrictions. In other words, you can face weapons charges by carrying knives on or near the premises below.

  • Some businesses that serve alcohol
  • Educational properties (schools, colleges, etc.)
  • State-licensed medical and mental health facilities
  • Recreational and amusement parks
  • Correctional facilities (jails and prisons)
  • Places of religious worship

If the police arrest you on weapons charges for carrying a knife, it is critical to understand state weapons laws. Depending on the location of your arrest and the type of knife in your possession, it may be possible to create a successful criminal defense.