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Can a DUI conviction affect your education?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2022 | Drunk Driving

College is a great place to learn new stuff, meet new people, have fun and make mistakes. However, one of the mistakes you do not want to make while in college is driving under the influence. 

A DUI is more than just a criminal offense. Besides the obvious legal consequences, a DUI conviction can also impact other aspects of your life such as your education and career. Here are some of the ways DUI conviction can affect your educational goals:

Suspension or expulsion

Most colleges have codes of conduct that every student must ascribe to upon admission. You may never be aware of it, but you technically agreed to observe certain rules when you accepted your admission.

The penalty that comes with an infraction certainly depends on the offense in question. However, when it comes to drunk driving, you might find yourself on the suspension or expulsion list if you are charged or convicted. And if you are if you were convicted before joining college, a DUI on your record may cost you an admission. 

Lost financial opportunities

College education can be quite expensive for most people. This explains why most students rely on financial aid. Having a conviction on your record may not prevent you from accessing federal grants and loans. However, it may lock you out of other funding sources.

For instance, most private foundations may deny or withdraw your scholarship if you have been convicted of drunk driving. And that is not all: Some schools may strip you of your housing rights as well as your ability to participate in sports, which can also prevent you from accessing athletic scholarships. 

Drunk driving is a serious offense anywhere. If you are facing a DUI charge, it is important that you explore your legal options as soon as possible.