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Why the presumption of innocence matters 

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Despite being one of the most pivotal aspects of the criminal justice system, the presumption of innocence is often overlooked. In fact, people are often assumed to be guilty of something merely by being questioned, detained and charged. 

In reality, it isn’t supposed to work this way. Those accused of criminal offenses are innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. Why does the presumption of innocence matter so much? 

The criminal justice system should remain impartial 

Impartiality is crucial to the criminal justice system. Judges, prosecutors, law enforcement and juries are all expected to remain impartial. They should not pass judgments based on prejudices. 

A case should be judged purely on the facts of the case and how the law applies to those facts. This means that all parties in a legal case have due process. If there is one thing that the criminal justice system should be, it’s fair. Fairness in criminal justice cannot exist without the presumption of innocence.  

It prevents miscarriages of justice 

The majority of criminal trials go through the justice system in a fair manner. All parties are heard and juries reach a verdict upon being provided with directions on the law from judges. Nonetheless, this isn’t always what happens. Thousands of individuals have been wrongfully convicted due to not having a presumption of innocence while on trial. 

If you are facing criminal charges and believe you have been treated unfairly, then legal guidance will be helpful. This will help to assert your presumption of innocence and ensure that you receive the due process to which you are entitled.