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Why is a straw gun purchase illegal?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Thanks to the Second Amendment to the American Constitution, the majority of people in the United States have the right to own and possess firearms. Many consider this one of the most fundamental rights in the United States. People buy firearms for hunting, target shooting, sporting events and personal protection. 

That said, there are some situations in which the right to gun ownership can be lost. For example, someone who has a felony on their record will not be allowed to purchase a firearm. They wouldn’t pass the mandatory background check that would be carried out when buying it.

This can lead to a straw gun purchase, which is when one person buys a firearm on behalf of someone else. That other person either doesn’t want to be on the public record or knows that they wouldn’t pass the background check. Essentially, the person who wouldn’t pass the background check has just chosen someone who will pass to try to get around these laws – which is why these purchases are illegal.

What are the ramifications? 

Those who have been accused of making a straw purchase need to take it very seriously. It’s a federal crime, and it could lead to $250,000 in fines. On top of that, if convicted, someone involved in a straw purchase could face as long as 10 years in prison. If they already had a felony preventing them from buying a gun, they end up with an extensive criminal record. 

As such, those facing these gun charges need to know about all of their legal defense options. There are steps they can take to protect their rights and focus on their future.