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2 things you need to know about Texas drug manufacturing charges

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2023 | Drug Crimes

There are multiple different degrees of drug offenses that someone could end up accused of in Texas. Generally, possession offenses are the least severe, with allegations of trafficking or manufacturing often carrying more significant penalties.

The state considers specific factors, like the total weight of the substances involved, the specific drug and the suspected intention of the person accused when deciding what charges to pursue or penalties to impose. A defendant’s criminal record can also influence charges and penalties.

Manufacturing a drug might involve growing certain types of plants or combining chemicals to produce a controlled substance. Manufacturing charges can also apply to operations intended to alter, dilute or reprocess certain substances to make them easier to transport or consume.

Those accused of a drug manufacturing offense in Texas could have major penalties awaiting them after a conviction or a guilty plea. There are two important details that those worried about manufacturing-related charges should understand.

Texas has harsh penalties for more serious drug offenses

The penalties for those convicted of a manufacturing offense are very steep. The jail time the defendant faces ranges from 180 days to potentially life in prison, while the fines imposed by the courts could cost anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000. Some kinds of drugs have specific sentences attached, while others may result in Class A misdemeanor charges.

Marijuana or cannabis cultivation is not a manufacturing offense

If you face accusations of cultivating cannabis in your backyard or in an indoor space, Texas prosecutors will not bring a manufacturing charge against you. Instead, they will treat the offense as a possession charge.

However, they will use the full weight of the plants, most likely while they are still wet, to determine the charges you face. The chances are very good that the total weight of the plants, even if you only have one or two, will be high enough to push your charges into felony territory.

There are many potential defense strategies that can help those accused of a major drug offense in Texas. Learning more about the different Texas drug statutes can help you prepare the most effective defense strategy possible when you face drug charges.