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Common police mistakes that could help your criminal defense

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2023 | Criminal Defense

When facing criminal charges, the actions and decisions of the police involved can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. Every detail of your interaction with law enforcement before, during and after your arrest matters.

While we often hold law enforcement in high regard, mistakes can happen within their ranks. These mistakes can potentially work in your favor, as explained below.

Chain of custody errors

Proper handling and documentation of evidence are crucial for maintaining its integrity and ensuring its admissibility in court. Any break in the chain of custody can raise doubts about the reliability of the evidence, such as when it is not properly secured or its handling is poorly documented.

Errors in the chain of custody can lead to the exclusion of the affected evidence from the trial, meaning the prosecution can not use it against you.

Violating your constitutional rights

The police can violate your constitutional rights in various ways. For instance, you may have been subjected to an illegal search and seizure or forced to make incriminating statements, which is against your constitutional rights.

Evidence obtained by violating your constitutional rights may not be admissible in court and can be suppressed or excluded from trial. It is worth noting that everything may not be as it seems regarding these violations of your rights due to intricate legal technicalities and exceptions.

Police mistakes may not be a guarantee of an infallible defense, but they can help your case. As such, it is essential to seek qualified legal representation to help identify and make the most of these mistakes and build a strong defense strategy. It could be key to safeguarding your rights and help increase the odds of a favorable outcome.